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Underwater Archaeology: Maritime Archaeology

Underwater archaeology is the branch of archaeology that deals with sites in aquatic environments to study past human activities. Despite the common goal as a branch of archaeology, underwater archaeology has unique aims in terms of research. Specifically, we study several important aspects of past human culture, such as trade, water transport, costal resource use, and naval activities.

Importance of Ground Survey and Its Methods in Archaeology

The importance of ground surveys in archaeology lies within the importance of surface surveys, geophysical surveys, and geochemical surveys. Overall, ground reconnaissance is a way of recognising and revealing archaeological sites without causing destruction or even revealing the past that any other method cannot.

Exploration vs Excavation in Archaeology - KamalsJournal - Archaeology - Archaeological Exploration vs Archaeological Excavation

Archaeological Exploration vs Archaeological Excavation

This is the comparison: archaeological exploration vs archaeological excavation. Archaeological exploration, archaeological survey, or archaeological reconnaissance is the systematic method of searching for archaeological remains to identify and record archaeological sites and archaeological remains. Archaeological excavation is the process of unearthing material remains from the past to study the human past.